Attendee Event Prerequisites

In order to deliver true sustainable value from what we are planning to be an inspirational, motivational and educational event we first need a consistent base level of Cybersecurity landscape, market and related domain knowledge and understanding across all attendees.  For this reason, we are setting a number of attendance prerequisites.

The following perquisites are required in order attend and must be completed before 17 January 2020:

  • For Sellers - which covers all Account Manager roles including Inside Sales staff and overlay sales functions (such as Enhanced Tech, Cloud, OT and Professional Services Sales and or Business Development); and Sales - through all levels in the Sales Hierarchy)  must have completed the following requisites prior to booking travel to Barcelona:
    • NSE 1, 2, and 3 Certification (with a valid certification as of 17 Jan 2020)
    • 3 x OT on-demand training modules:
      • Introduction to OT Terminology
      • The OT Attack Surface
      • IT-OT Convergence
    • 2x Secure SD-WAN on-demand training modules:
      • Secure SD-WAN Marking and Prospecting
      • Secure SD-WAN Sales Tools
    • Cloud Security: Market and Customer Solution Update
    • High End Firewall: Market Overview and Prospecting
  • For Enterprise Sales staff only - in addition to the above there is a requirement for:
    • Completion of your Skills-Base Self-Assessment exercise
    • Your Managers assessment of you (via the same Skills-Base tool)

NOTE: All Enterprise sales related staff (including those in Sales Management and Leadership positions) will find links to all the above listed prerequisites on this dedicated Fuse Page

  • For SEs and CSEs - you must be at least NSE 7 Certified by 17 Jan 2020
  • For Sales Enablement staff - your prerequisites are above for Sellers
  • For Marketing and Support Organization staff - you must have a valid NSE 1, 2, and 3 Certification in place (with a valid certification as of 17 Jan 2020)
  • For Sales Operations, Finance, Legal and HR - you must have a valid NSE 1 and 2 Certification in place (with a valid certification as of 17 Jan 2020)

The deadline for completion of all prerequisites for staff is 17 January 2020. If these are not complete by this date admission into the Accelerate Summit will not be granted. Managers will be assessing the completion of their team member's prerequisites via number of different mediums:

  • For Seller completion information: for the bulk of the prerequisites please go to this Tableau Report location - and head to the report titled: 'EMEA Teams Acceleration Prerequisites'. For the Sales Skills Self-Assessment, get a report of your team directly from the Skills-Base platform.
  • For SE and CSE completion information: please go directly from the NSEI
  • For Marketing, Sales Operations, Finance, Legal and HR completion information: please go directly for the NSEI