Welcome to our 2020 Acceleration Summit!  In support of Fortinet’s objective to be the #1 Cybersecurity vendor, we are transitioning from “Sales Kick Offs” to revenue “Acceleration Summits”. The focus of the summit is ‘You’. Our ambition is centered on Inspiring, Motivating and Educating you for great things in 2020 and beyond. By coordinating this event with our Accelerate customer and partner event, you will have the instant opportunity to experience immediate payback and value of this event. 

Fortinet and our teams are in a unique position of leadership through award winning and highly differentiated solutions which are driving rapid rates of profitable growth at the expense of our competitors. At our Acceleration Summit each of you will experience new levels of inspiration and motivation as you see, hear and experience what is in store for our customers and for your career in 2020. We ask that you ensure you qualify and register early for what will be landmark event for your career at Fortinet.

From Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th February 2020 you will have the opportunity to attend both the internal Fortinet ‘Acceleration Summit’ and ‘Accelerate 2020 (our annual partner and customer event), also being held at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) in Barcelona Spain.

This website focuses on what the internal Fortinet Acceleration Summit event has in store for you (however if you are looking to view the agenda for Accelerate 2020 please visit https://www.fortinetaccelerate.com/barcelona/agenda).

At our Acceleration Summit you will hear about some of our successes in 2019 and an outline of Fortinet’s 2020 strategy and go-to-market plans from our Leadership team. You will feel inspired by the energy of your peers as they share their experiences which have contributed to Fortinet’s market momentum and our march towards being number one. You will experience new levels of motivation given the unique market opportunities your career at Fortinet affords. You will be introduced to new insights, strategies and tools as well as exciting news about new investments that are being made to position you for greater success in 2020 and beyond. You will also return home from the event having received sales skills training to help increase your selling success even further. Finally, there will be endless opportunities for you to network with your team members to celebrate your mutual achievements in 2019 and ensure continued success in 2020.