Q: Who’s invited to the Acceleration Summit 2020?

A: All Fortinet EMEA Sales VPs, Sales Leaders and Managers, MAMAs, GAMs, SAMs, NAMs, RSMs (RAMs), CAMs, ISRs, IRAMs, SE Leaders and Managers, SEs, CSE Leaders and Managers, CSEs, Field Marketing Leadership and Managers, Channel Marketing staff, and Renewal Reps who have completed the event prerequisites. In addition we have representatives from a number of supporting functions such as Support, Legal, Finance, Sales Enablement and HR also in attendance (individuals from these fucntions have been advised accordingly).


Q: What are the pre-requisites and when must they be completed? 

A: Please see Event Prerequisites page


Q: What are the dates and location of the Acceleration Summit?

A: The internal Fortinet Acceleration Summit event will begin with a Reception and Awards Dinner on Sunday, 16 February 2020 and conclude on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.

On Monday all Fortinet attendees will be present at the full day of Accelerate Summit sessions (see agenda tab). 

On Tuesday 18 February all Accelerate Summit attendees are expected to attend the Accelerate (customer and partner) event morning Plenary session - irrespective of whether they are accompanying partners or customers. 

On the afternoon of Tuesday 18 February all Fortinet staff NOT accompanying partners and customers to Accelerate sessions are expected to attend Sales Skills & Competence Development sessions (again see agenda for details).  Please note this includes those in SE, ISR and Business Development roles - it is NOT exclusively just for Account Managers.  

All Acceleration Summit attendees are expected to be present for the entire duration of the event hence from Sunday evening through to Tuesday afternoon when the final session finishes at 17:30.


Q: Who gets to stay and attend Accelerate 2020?

A: All EMEA staff are invited and eligible to attend Accelerate 2020 following the Acceleration Summit (irrespective of whether you are accompanying prospects, customers or partners). However, if there are business or personal reasons to depart after the Acceleration Summit concludes, you may depart at that time. Priority should be placed on attending to your customers and partners. To view the agenda for Accelerate 2020 Barcelona, please visit https://www.fortinetaccelerate.com/barcelona/agenda.

Continued attendance at Accelerate should be based on the business need - if there is value in your continued attendance then agree with your manager accordingly.  If there is no business or professional value gained then you may depart from the event from Tuesday evening onwards.

Note: Accelerate 2020 will begin with a Welcome Reception on Monday, 17 February 2020 and conclude with departures beginning 19 February.


Q: Why are we running the Acceleration Summit event partially over the weekend i.e. expecting people to be present on Sunday 16 February?

A:  In order to take advantage of having all of our Fortinet executives participate in the Acceleration Summit, it is occurring immediately prior to the beginning of Accelerate 2020 on Monday, 17 February 2020.


Q: How do I book my accommodation and travel to Barcelona?

A: Hotel Accommodation for your stay in Barcelona will be taken care of through the event registration process.

As you progress through the registration process, you will choose your check-in/check-out dates based on your participation. If your are participating in the Accelerate Summit ONLY, you should plan to arrive on 16 February and depart on 18 February. If you plan to continue on for Accelerate, your departure should be the 19 or 20 February, based on your flights and needs.

For the reservation and booking of flights and or alternative transportation to Barcelona, all Fortinet employees are to use TR# 2020ACCBCN (you do not need to raise your own individual TR). It is your responsibility to actually book the transportation to Barcelona. Usuage of the assigned TR will be audited in order to assess total costs at the end of the event. It remains the Fortinet employees responsibility to organise travel between arrival point into Barcelona i.e. the airport and to their designated hotel.

Your hotel room (nightly cost +VAT) will be charged to a Master Account and paid by Fortinet. You will be expected to submit an Expense Report to your respectice cost center for other expenses incurred.


Q: How do I get to/from my hotel to/from the Barcelona International Convention Centre?

A: All attendees will be responsible for managing their own transportation to and from the airport as well as transportation to the Barcelona International Convention Centre each day. 


Q: How do I register for the Acceleration Summit?

A: Registration for both the Acceleration Summit 2020 (internal Fortinet event) and the Accelerate 2020 (customer and partner event) are dealt with via the same link / process. Navigate to the Registration tab from the Acceleration Summit home page.


Q: What is the agenda for the Acceleration Summit?

A: Please see the agenda tab on this site. The agenda is subject to modification prior to the event. As we progress towards the date of the event, expect to see more detail added.


Q: How do I get a visa letter to attend Acceleration Summit/Accelerate?

A: Visa letter information will be gathered during the registration process. Once submitted, you will receive the visa letter by email within 5 -7 business days.


Q: What is the Dress Code for Acceleration Summit/Accelerate?

A: Dress professionally. Business Casual is appropriate. No jeans, training / tennis shoes or casual clothing.