Frequently Asked Questions

Fortinet PartnerSync Switzerland will be live on 15 April 2021. Click here to add the event to your calendar.

Fortinet PartnerSync Switzerland will take place from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Central European Time (CET). 

Registered attendees can view the sessions by logging into the Event Hub on 15 April. Scroll down to the What's Next section and click 'View Session' to join the session. Prior to the listed start time you will be brought to a waiting room. 

If you are experiencing trouble with a session, remember to refresh your browser and check your internet connection. For those of you using chrome, some may need to watch the session in incognito mode. For information on how to turn this setting on, click here.

If you continue to have issues, our customer service team is available during event hours by email at

All sessions will be spoken in English.

So many sessions, so little time! No need to worry – we understand that there is a ton of great content, in some cases overlapping.

All live sessions will be available on-demand starting 16 April and will remain on the event platform for 90 days after Fortinet PartnerSync. Watch them as many times as you’d like!

All sessions will be made available for OnDemand access starting 16 April and will be available for 90 days. If you or your colleagues cannot attend the live sessions or did not register before 15 April, registration will remain open for OnDemand access post event.

Yes! Chat will be open and speakers will be standing by, so please ask away!

If you enter a session and see a live discussion but cannot hear the presenter speak, please make sure your speakers and volume are enabled.  Check the video frame to unmute the sound in the lower right corner as well. 

Ensure that other devices on your network are not consuming bandwidth through downloads, streaming, updating or watching online videos as each of these will greatly slow down your connection.

If you're using Windows, ensure that Windows Updates are not downloading in the background. To access this menu, simply press the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and type 'update'. After selecting 'Check for updates' you will be able to verify whether your internet bandwidth is being taken by the Windows Update. If there is a downloading occurring, simply press the 'pause' button to stop the download and speed up your internet.

If you're on a wireless device like a laptop or tablet, you may need to move closer to your network router to get a stronger signal, this can impact your internet speed greatly.

There are a couple different ways to do this depending on the type of device and browser you are using. From a Google Chrome browser you can click on the locked icon at the beginning of the URL and you are able to allow camera, notifications and microphone for access.

We are available to answer your question. Please contact and someone will get back to you shortly.