Zero Trust
Cybersecurity: Web Application Firewall (1 of 5)

This cybersecurity module will explore web application threats and countermeasures focused on Fortinet solutions. Comprised of theory lessons and hands-on labs, this course will get the students from the very motivations of attacks to web applications through understanding and executing attack techniques, recognizing such attacks, and, finally, configuring Fortinet solutions to mitigate them.


  1. Introduction (theory)
  2. Why attacking web applications? (theory)
  3. Real-world examples (theory)
  4. OWASP "Top 10" (theory)
  5. Attack procedures (theory + labs)
  6. Software and tools (theory + labs)
  7. Recognizing attacks to web applications (theory + labs)
  8. How to mitigate (theory + labs)
  9. Final lab (contains the labs for chapters 6, 7 and 8 above)


  • Basic knowledge of FortiWeb
  • Recommended:
    • NSE 7 Certified (Advanced Threat Protection) or have attended ATP class


  • Students must have their own laptops (15" screen minimum)
  • Broadband or LAN Internet connectivity
  • Updated web browser and PDF reader
  • Second screen (highly recommended)