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FortiOS Troubleshooting (1 of 4)

FortiOS provides several tools that help with troubleshooting both hardware and software issues. The objective of this track is to learn how to establish a baseline, define the problem, and create a troubleshooting plan. It is also helpful to understand the logic behind some of the built-in debugging tools and when to use them.


  1. Troubleshooting methodologies (theory)
  2. Introduction to diagnostic commands (theory and labs)
  3. Resources and Performance troubleshooting (theory & labs)
  4. High Availability and best practices (theory and labs)
  5. SD-WAN Health Diagnostics (theory and lab)
  6. Troubleshooting IPsec VPN (theory and lab)
  7. Troubleshooting tips for FortiOS routing (theory and lab


  • Recommended: NSE 7 certified (Enterprise Firewall) or have attended Enterprise Firewall class before
  • Students must have their own laptops (15” screen minimum) with FortiClient VPN installed and a Windows RDP client
  • A second screen is recommended