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FortiOS Automation/API & Scripting (1 of 4)

The training Automation, API & Scripting will focus on different aspects of Automation. On day one the automation features that are ready-to-use inside FortiOS & FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer will be explored along with how to setup an environment for demo/testing Automation features.

Day two will take automation one step further by exploring and interacting with the API capabilities of FortiOS, FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer and FortiAuthenticator using various tools.

Day two also includes an introduction into python scripting where you'll learn how to interact with Fortinet devices using SSH and the API to explore the capabilities of automation using python scripts.

Proposed Content\

Day 1 - Theory (2 hours)

  1. Automation Introduction
  2. Fortigate Automation
    1. Scripts
    2. Auto-Scripts
    3. Triggering Events
    4. Automation Stitches
      1. Triggers
      2. Actions
  3. FortiManager Scripts
    1. CLI Scripts
    2. TCL Scripts
  4. FortiAnalyzer
    1. Event Handlers
    2. Playbooks

Day 1 - Labs (6 hours)

Day 2 - Theory (2 hours)

  1. APIs
    1. Introduction
    2. FortiAPI
    3. Other API Tools
  2. Python Scripting
    1. Introduction
      1. Basis syntax
      2. Data Structures
      3. Modules
      4. Error & Exceptions
    2. Input/Output (Text/Excel)
    3. SSH/CLI access
    4. API Calls Day

2 - Labs (6 hours)


  • Recommended: Basic knowledge on FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer/FortiAuthenticator
  • Basic scripting knowledge


  • Students must have their own laptops (15” screen minimum)
  • Fortinet Developer Network ( account with access to FortiAPI
  • Broadband or LAN Internet connectivity
  • It’s highly recommended to have a second screen

PODs are provisioned with tooling preinstalled on a bastion host. Students will access the PODS remotely using either:

  1. SSL WebVPN with RDP over HTML5 using an up to date browser
  2. SSL Tunnel VPN (FortiClient required) with an RDP client of choice