Ultimate Fabric Challenge

UFC or the "Challenge" is a skills-based competition that will consist of a series of contests at various Fortinet conferences and training events worldwide. Each round will consist of small teams competing against the clock and against other teams to complete several technical challenges presented to them in a "capture-the-flag" style competition. 

The Challenge will be launched in 2021 to partners through the XPERTS Summits events worldwide. Each XPERTS Summit will act as a qualifying event for the first Global Championship in association with Accelerate 2022. For the first time, the top 3 teams from APAC XPERTS Summit will earn their spots in the final to vie for the title of Global UFC Champion!

Are you up for the Challenge?

The purpose of the Fortinet Fabric Challenge is to provide a forum for people who have invested time and effort to become skilled with Fortinet products to demonstrate their expertise to the audience. Additionally, the Challenge underpins Fortinet mission of closing the cybersecurity skills gap by promoting cybersecurity education and best practices. 

This competitive, hands-on workshop will divide the participants into groups of two people to securely deploy Security Fabric core products into a modeled customer network. Using their skills with Fortinet products, each team will solve a series of objectives in a time-based competition.

Aside from Security Fabric, the workshop contains other "levels" (sets of objectives) covering SD-WAN, Incident Response, Zero Trust and others.

What you need to play:

The participants must obtain the Fortinet NSE 4 level certification to register for UFC. This Challenge is open to customers, Fortinet partners or the general public provided they have obtained NSE 4. 

Additionally, Fortinet will check for prospective participants' NSE certification status to enrol the participant.

The Prizes in Store

Every Challenge session will provide medals to the top 3 place teams to designate their status as session winners. These medals have no monetary value.

We'll be inviting the top 3 teams from each region to the annual Global Competition with complimentary registration to the associated conference. Depending on the placement in the competition, leading teams will receive prizes. The value of these prizes is to be determined.