Q - I have already booked a family holiday that ends on the morning of July 9th. Can I start my travel that evening and arrive in Canada the next day?
A - Of course! Understanding you would miss the welcome reception on July 9th, as well as the activities scheduled for the 10th. Departures are July 13.
Q - Am I required to take PTO for President’s Club?
A - No. President’s Club is considered a business activity, and as such you are not required to take PTO. However, if you plan to extend your trip for personal reasons, PTO must be approved and taken.
Q - What are the Tax Implications for participating in President’s Club?
A - It varies by country, but all taxes are paid by Fortinet.
Q - If I want to extend my stay (or come earlier), is that possible?
A - Yes, however, your manager must approve the extension, and you are required to take PTO for any days pre- or post-event. All costs associated with the extension are yours. If there is a substantial difference is airfare to accommodate your extension, you will be required to pay the difference.
Q - Can I bring my family?
A - President’s Club is for the employee and one guest (over the age of 18). In rare circumstances, children may be approved to attend under these circumstances:
Nursing infant up to 2 years old
Special needs children
When approval is granted, it is with the understanding that all costs associated with the exception are the employee’s. Additionally, Atlas Travel is only authorized to purchase the employee + guest airfare. If another room is required, and if the hotel has availability, the Fortinet President’s Club reservation team will assist in making the reservation. The cost, including taxes, resort fees, etc. are at the employee’s expense.
Only the president’s club qualifier and his/her guest are allowed at sponsored meals and events, including activities and excursions paid for by Fortinet.
Q - What are the dates I should arrive and depart?
A - All qualifiers and their guest should arrive in Victoria, British Columbia on July 9th in time for the welcome reception that. Departure date is July 13th.
Q - Since the flight is over 8 hours from my home airport, am I approved to fly business class?
A - No. All travel to President’s Club will be booked in Economy Class.
Q - Should I book flights via Concur or my local Travel Agency?
A - No. Atlas Travel will make all flight arrangements for you and your guest ONLY.
Q - How do I book my travel to the event?
A - During the online registration process you will complete the flight booking form for you and your guest. An Atlas travel representative will contact you within 72 business hours of submitting your event registration with flight options. 
Q - I will need a passport. Does Fortinet pay for the cost?
A - No. Fortinet does not cover passport fees.
Q - A Visa is required for my entrance into Canada. How do I get an invitation letter?
A - The President’s Club registration team will assist you with your invitation letter.
Q - Are there any mandatory meetings?
A - Yes, there will be a mandatory breakfast meeting.
Q - Will I be responsible for any expenses (meals or otherwise)?
A - Yes. Expenses such as airport parking, meals while in transit, extra excursions and/or activities, etc. are at your own cost and should not be expensed.
Q - I am unable to attend, can I have the cash equivalent?
A - Unfortunately this is not an available option. If you unable to attend, you will still receive the award.
Q - I am unable to attend, but my co-worker has worked extra hard. Can I transfer my invitation to him/her?
A - No, President’s Club is by invitation only. All invitations are made at the executive level.
Q - I have special food requirements/needs. Will there be food options for me?
A - Yes, you will be able to specify any food requirement during registration.
Q - I thought President’s Club was in New Zealand. Was there a mistake in announcing Vancouver?
A - No. It’s in Victoria, BC.
Q - Can I use points/miles or pay the difference to upgrade?
A - Atlas Travel will book the lowest cost airfare in Economy. This may not be an upgradeable fare. If you want to pay the difference for an upgradeable fare, and then use mileage or points to upgrade, this is an option.